Aims of the Berlin Centre for Caspian Region Studies

Strengthening of the research focus on the Caspian Region

BC CARE supports the establishment of a research focus regarding the Caspian regional studies by coordinating and presenting the activities of the different departments and faculties.

Promotion of young researchers

Besides the joint research activities of the scientists participating in BC CARE, the centre is aiming to promote young researchers in all of its research areas. Students, PhD-Students and postdocs will be trained inter- and transdisciplinary and synergy effects will be used for the education and further studies of young researchers. The doctoral program Caspian Region Environmental and Energy Studies (CREES) is a central pillar for the promotion of young researchers. Moreover, the centre offers several lectures and seminars.

Capacity-building in Central Asia

The initiators and members of BC CARE have years of experience in capacity building on the issues of energy, environmental, and climate policy for the USSR successor states, central and Eastern Europe as well as for developing countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Professional development trainings and advanced courses for decision-makers from the economic and administrative sectors of Central Asian states will be offered.

Combined courses / summer schools

Together with the Turkish-German University and the German-Kazakh University Almaty, the State University of Baku and several Iranian Universities, DAAD academic partnerships are being developed. Within this framework, summer schools on „Energy Resources, Environment and Security“ will be offered. In October 2008, the first course of this kind took place in Kazakhstan and Kirgizstan. Moreover, the centre is planning a lecture series for the “Open Auditorium” of the Free University of Berlin.


BC CARE as an interdisciplinary centre has the task to support fund raising in the areas of Caspian Region Studies. To achieve this task, the centre provides information (homepage, E-Mail) and concrete assistance with application procedure and administration of third-party-funded projects (Coordination Unit).

Public Relations

The Berlin Centre for Caspian Region Studies offers its members the opportunity to publish their interdisciplinary positioned research in a publication series. Conference proceedings, article collections, monographs and bibliographies etc. are accepted. The most important acceptance criteria are quality, topicality and interdisciplinarity of the research. The editorial staff makes the decision concerning the acceptance of the scientific works. The participation in the “Long Night of Sciences” (Lange Nacht der Museen), in University lectures and the organization of congresses and workshops is also part of the centres public relations.