Jour Fixe with Beken Saatcioglu, 9th November 2009

News from Nov 05, 2009


We are happy to invite you to the next Jour Fixe presentation by Beken Saatcioglu:

„Bringing Domestic Norms Back in: The Case of Turkey’s AKP on the Road to Europeanization”

Please find the abstract below.

Place: Ihnestr. 26 / r. 202 (seminarroom)
Date: Monday, 9th November 2009, 6 pm sharp (18.00 Uhr st)


What explains the variation in EU candidates’ compliance with the EU’s political membership criteria as defined by the 1993 European Council? The literature has so far argued that so long as the link between the need to reform and membership (as conveyed via the mechanism of EU conditionality) is credible, candidate states will comply with the criteria if they face low domestic political costs for such compliance. Via a study of Turkish compliance (2002-2009) under the ruling Islamist Justice and Development Party (AKP), the paper argues two things: (1) The EU’s political conditionality (the one seeking compliance with the political - i.e. democratization - criteria) is inconsistently applied in the Turkish case, hence it has not been credible for AKP; (2) Consequently, AKP’s compliance is rather induced by factors other than politicians’ belief in conditionality: The party complied out of general political incentives as well as a motivation to use the EU’s democratic reform agenda instrumentally, i.e. towards expanding Islamism in Turkey’s secular political-legal system. Overall, the paper demonstrates that Islamism has guided AKP’s approach to compliance and thus, there is the need to bring back normative variables in explanations of EU compliance, especially when target states’ norms diverge from the EU’s.