Workshop Report: The Contentious Face of European Politics

News from Feb 24, 2010

The Contentious Face of European Politics: Towards an Analysis of Discursive and Visual Strategies of Transnational Diffusion

January 14th-16th 2010, Berlin


How do non-state actors and institutions spread their competing visions of Europe and the EU in the media, in transnational publics, and on the streets? Which stories do radical activists or policy maker tell, and how do they do so? Which images, texts and videos put on Youtube, Indymedia and other web sites do non-state actors and political parties use to debate delicate issues such as social justice and democracy, migration and precarity or the political identity of the EU and its citizens? These questions were asked by the first KFG workshop on Visual and Discursive analysis of Transnational Diffusion in contentious arenas of European politics organized in January 2010 by Nicole Doerr (KFG postdoctoral fellow) and Amelie Kutter (PhD candidate).

The workshop brought together researchers that focus on the empirical investigation and theoretical exploration of processes of transnational diffusion... more