CALL FOR PAPERS: Diffusion of Regional Integration

News from Jul 12, 2010

The conference will have three major themes around which the panels will be organized:

1. Comparing Regional Integration: Divergence or Convergence?

Since the end of the Cold War, regional cooperation and integration has significantly increased, even if we discard the ever growing number of regional free trade agreements, of which the vast majority is not truly regional. We invite papers analyzing institutional forms and patterns of multilateral cooperation and integration among contiguous countries. Papers engaging in cross-regional comparisons are particularly welcome.

2. Exporting Regional Integration: The European Union as Promoter of Regional Integration

Regional cooperation is part of the governance package the EU seeks to export through its external relations with third countries and regions. We look for papers that explore what exactly the EU seeks to promote in terms of regional integration and to what extent it has been successful in transplanting (part of) its model in other parts of the world.

3. Importing Regional Integration: Adoption, Translation, Resistance

The receiving end of the EU’s efforts at exporting regional cooperation has received less attention so far. We invite papers concentrating on particular regions of the world and exploring to what extent external models of regional cooperation – whether from the EU, the U.S. or other external actors – are being referred to, adopted, adjusted to and translated into regional circumstances, or resisted and challenged.


For this academic conference, we invite papers from various disciplinary perspectives to each of these themes. Papers should explicitly address the diffusion of regional integration as outcome or process.

Please send your paper proposal with a one-page abstract by August 30, 2010, to

Invited paper givers will be notified in early September. The Kolleg-Forschergruppe will take care of their travel costs as well as accommodation in Berlin during the conference.