Working Paper Series


International in Life, National in Death? Banking Nationalism on the Road to Banking Union

Rachel A. Epstein, Martin Rhodes - December 2014


Coordination of Social Security Schemes. The Case of SADC

Ockert Dupper - May 2014


Regional Organizations and Sanctions Against Members: Explaining the Different Trajectories of the African Union, the League of Arab States, and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations

Elin Hellquist - January 2014


Mission Impossible - Why Crisis Management Missions Do Not Increase the Visibility of the European Union

Stephanie B. Anderson - December 2013


The Effect of Trade Agendas on Regulatory Governance - When the EU meets the Global South

Andrea C. Bianculli - November 2013


The Transformation of European Migration Governance

Andrew Geddes - November 2013


Follow your Neighbor? Regional Emulation and the Design of Transparency Policies

Daniel Berliner - November 2013


Those Who Knock on Europe‘s Door Must Repent? Bilateral Border Disputes and EU Enlargement

Andrew Geddes, Andrew Taylor - November 2013


Regional Blocs, Transnational Actors and Interest Mediation: The Cases of Mexico and Turkey

Işık Özel - November 2013


Political Legitimacy in a Non-optimal Currency Area

Fritz W. Scharpf - October 2013


Templates for Trade: Change, Persistence and Path Dependence in U. S. and EU Preferential Trade Agreements

Ali Arbia - September 2013

 Working Paper No. 50

Solidarität unter Fremden? Europäische Identität im Härtetest

Thomas Risse - May 2013


 WP 49

The Life Cycles of Competing Policy Norms. Localizing European and Developmental Central Banking Ideas

Arie Krampf - April 2013


WP 48

The EU as a Multilateral Rule Exporter. The Global Transfer of European Rules via International Organizations

Mathieu Rousselin - November 2012


WP 47

The Consolidation of the Anglo-Saxon/European Consensus on Price Stability. From International Coordination to a Rule-Based Monetary Regime

Arie Krampf - October 2012


WP 46

Assessing EU Leadership on Climate Change. The Limits of Diffusion in EU Relations with China and India

Diarmuid Torney - September 2012


WP 45

Emissions Trading - A Transatlantic Journey for an Idea?

Katja Biedenkopf - September 2012


WP 44

Not Another GMO. Explaining Europe’s Approach to Nanotechnologies

Nico Jaspers - September 2012



Grounding the European Public Sphere. Looking Beyond the Mass Media to Digitally Mediated Issue Publics

Lance Bennett - August 2012



The Holy Trinity of Democracy, Economic Development, and Security. EU Democratization Efforts Beyond its Borders - The Case of Tunisia

Assem Dandashly - July 2012


WP 41

Tolerance as a European Norm or an Ottoman Practice? An Analysis of Turkish Public Debates on the (Re)Opening of an Armenian Church in the Context of Turkey’s EU Candidacy and Neo-Ottoman Revival

Bilgin Ayata - July 2012


WP 40

Transformations on Whose Terms? Understanding the New EU-ACP Trade Relations from the Outside In

Ulrike Lorenz - June 2012


WP 39

Europe and the Arab Revolutions. From a Weak to a Proactive Response to a Changing Neighborhood

Sally Khalifa Isaac - May 2012


WP 38

The European Commission in the 21st Century. Core Beliefs on EU Governance

Liesbet Hooghe - April 2012


WP 37

Beyond Federalism: Explaining and Estimating the Territorial Structure of Government

Liesbet Hooghe, Gary Marks - April 2012


WP 36

Europeanization in Turkey. Stretching a Concept to its Limits?

Tanja A. Börzel, Digdem Soyaltin - February 2012


WP 35

Good Governance and Bad Neighbors? The Limits of the Transformative Power of Europe

Tanja A. Börzel, Vera van Hüllen - December 2011


WP 34

Mechanism-Based Thinking on Policy Diffusion. A Review of Current Approaches in Political Science

Torben Heinze - December 2011


WP 33

Organizing Regulatory Convergence Outside the EU. Setting Policy-Specific Conditionality and Building Domestic Capacities

Julia Langbein - December 2011


WP 32

You Make Us Do What We Want! The Usage of External Actors and Policy Conditionality in the European Neighborhood

Esther Ademmer - November 2011


WP 31

Appropriating the Environment. How the European Institutions Received the Novel Idea of the Environment and Made it Their Own

Jan-Henrik Meyer - September 2011


WP 30

When Europeanization Hits Limited Statehood: The Western Balkans as a Test Case for the Transformative Power of Europe

Tanja A. Börzel - September 2011


WP 29

EU Member States’ Humanitarian Assistance and Issue Salience in Public Discourse: Preliminary Findings for the 2000 to 2008 Period

Matteo Garavoglia - August 2011


WP 28

Comparative Regionalism: A New Research Agenda

Tanja A. Börzel - August 2011


WP 27

Decolonization by Europeanization? The Early EEC and the Transformation of French-African Relations

Martin Rempe  - May 2011


WP 26

Europeanization Subverted? The European Union’s Promotion of Good Governance and the Fight against Corruption in the Southern Caucasus

Tanja A. Börzel and Yasemin Pamuk - April 2011


WP 25

Decision-Making in Security and Defence Policy. Towards Supranational Intergovernmentalism?

Jolyon Howorth - March 2011


WP 24

Policy Matters But How? Explaining Non-Compliance Dynamics in the EU

Tanja A. Börzel, Tobias Hofmann and Diana Panke - February 2011


WP 23

Is There a Puzzle? Compliance with Minority Rights in Turkey (1999-2010)

Gözde Yilmaz - January 2011


WP 22

Patterns of Power. The EU‘s External Steering Techniques at Work - The Case of Democratization Policies in Morocco

David Budde, Mathias Großklaus - December 2010


WP 21

Democracy and Legitimacy in the European Union Revisited: Input, Output and Throughput

Vivien Schmidt - November 2010


WP 20

Networks, Courts and Regional Integration. Explaining the Establishment of the Andean Court of Justice

Osvaldo Saldías - November 2010


WP 19

How European is European Identity? Extent and Structure of Continental Identification in Global Comparison Using SEM

Jochen Roose - November 2010


WP 18

Post-Accession Conditionality: Support Instrument for Continuous Pressure?

Eli Gateva - October 2010


WP 17

Do Regional Organizations Travel? European Integration, Diffusion and the Case of ASEAN

Anja Jetschke - October 2010


WP 16

Emotions, Media Discourse and the Mobilization of Citizens: Conceptual Considerations and a Plausibility Probe

Marianne van de Steeg - October 2010

WP 15

The Emergence of a European Community of Communication: Insights from Empirical Research on the Europeanization of Public Spheres

Marianne van de Steeg, Thomas Risse - August 2010

WP 14

Unpacking the Compliance Puzzle. The Case of Turkey‘s AKP under EU Conditionality

Beken Saatçioglu - June 2010


WP 13

How International Law Standards Pervade Discourse on the Use of Armed Force: Insights into European and US Newspaper Debates between 1990 and 2005

Swantje Renfordt - May 2010


WP 12

A New Society in the Making: European Integration and European Social Groups

Juan Díez Medrano - April 2010


WP 11

The Transformative Power of Europe Reloaded: The Limits of External Europeanization

Tanja A. Börzel - February 2010


WP 10

Europe as a Symbolic Resource. On the Discursive Space of Political Struggles in Poland

Artur Lipiński - January 2010


WP 9

EU Democracy Promotion in the Mediterranean. Cooperation against All Odds?

Vera van Hüllen - November 2009


WP 8

How European Protest Transforms Institutions of the Public Sphere: Discourse and Decision-Making in the European Social Forum Process

Nicole Doerr - September 2009


WP 7

Diffusing (Inter-) Regionalism: The EU as a Model of Regional Integration

Tanja A. Börzel, Thomas Risse - September 2009


WP 6

The Asymmetry of European Integration or why the EU cannot be a "Social Market Economy"

Fritz W. Scharpf - September 2009


WP 5

Structuring the European Administrative Space: Channels of EU Penetration and Mechanisms of National Change

Eva G. Heidbreder - September 2009


WP 4

Bringing the Mass Media in: The Contribution of the Mass Media for Understanding Citizens' Attitudes towards the European Union

Silke Adam - September 2009


WP 3

Neighbourhood Europeanization through ENP: The Case of Ukraine

Andrea Gawrich, Inna Melnykovska, Rainer Schweickert - August 2009


WP 2

EU Administrative Conditionality and Domestic Downloading: The Limits of Europeanization in Challenging Contexts

Arolda Elbasani - July 2009


WP 1

The Transformative Power of Europe: The European Union and the Diffusion of Ideas

Tanja A. Börzel, Thomas Risse - May 2009



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