Arbeitskreis Termine Archiv

Termine im Wintersemester 2015/2016


Engaged Anthropology: Refugees in Berlin meeting


Seth Holmes (UC Berkeley): “Representing 'The European Refugee Crisis': Delineating Difference and Deservingness”


Finnland Institut: "Belonging In Times of Exclusion. Illness Through History and Across Cultures" (Teilnehmer: Hansjörg Dilger, Petteri Pietikäinen)


Simon Mutebi (Institut für Sozial- und Kulturanthropologie, FU Berlin): “Perceptions and Experiences of Male Sexual Dysfunction and the Social Reproduction of Biomedical Discourses of Male Sexuality in Urban Communities in Tanzania.”


Anitha Tingira (Institut für Sozial- und Kulturanthropologie, FU Berlin): “Dynamics in Delivery and Utilization of Maternal Health Services in Tanzania: Reflections from the Field“


Nasima Selim (Institut für Sozial- und Kulturanthropologie, FU Berlin): “Barzakh or the World-In-Between: Body Prayers and Healing Ontologies"


Laura Montesi (University of Kent): "Bodies and Emotions in Rural Mexico: From the Ikojts' Ontology of Emotions to an Existential/Phenomenological Theory of Vulnerability"


Amelia Fiske (Department of Anthropology, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill): “Bodily Persuasion in Toxic Tours: The 'Dirty Hand' of Oil in Ecuadorian Environmental Politics”


Janina Kehr (Universität Zürich): "Sick States? Health and Austerity in the Global North"


Marcos Andrade Neves (Institut für Sozial- und Kulturanthropologie, FU Berlin): "On Their Own Terms: The Processes of Institutionalization of Assisted Suicide and Voluntary Euthanasia”.


Giorgio Brocco (Institut für Sozial- und Kulturanthropologie, FU Berlin): "Exploring Experiences of Albinism in Tanzania between Global and Local Worlds: Preliminary Research Findings".


Jieun Kim (Graduate School of East Asian Studies, FU Berlin): “Temporalities of Care and Engagement: Homeless Activism in Japan“

Termine im Sommersemester 2015

23.04.2015 Film Review
07.05.2015 Ruari McBride (Queen's University Belfast, UK): A Critical Discourse Analysis of Eight Narrative Responses to a Diagnosis of Personality Disorder 
14.05.2015 Public Holiday
21.05.2015 Claudia Lang (Ludwig-Maximilians-University München): (Re-)Inventing Ayurvedic Psychiatry in Kerala, South India
28.05.2015 Johanna Gonçalves Martin (University of Cambridge): Helicopter Approaches: The Epidemic Care of Yanomami People in Venezuela
04.06.2015 Pierre Minn (University of Montréal): Leaders and Partners: Business and Management Models in Contemporary Global HealthTraining Programs
11.06.2015 Mayari Hengstermann, (Institute of Social and CulturalAnthropology, FU Berlin): Placing Evil Eye amidst Etiologies
18.06.2015 Tereza Mazáková, (Charles University in Prague): “Buprenorphine Network - Balancing on the Edge of Illegality”: The Substitution Medicine from an ANT Perspective
25.06.2015 Stefan Reinsch (Humboldt-Universität Berlin): The Role of Ethics and Trust in Co-laborative Research between Anthropology and Biomedicine: the Example of Early Intervention in French andGerman Psychiatry
02.07.2015 Matthew Wilhelm-Solomon (Wits University, Johannesburg): Diasporic Debility: Blind Pathways and Precarious Power inJohannesburg
09.07.2015 Krzysztof Bierski (Center for Area Studies, FU Berlin): Between Science, Spirit and Therapy: Development of Intellectual Interest with Yoga in the Occident
16.07.2015 Judith Schühle, (Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, FU Berlin): Medical Remittances and Long Distance Diagnosing: Transnational Therapy Networks of Nigerian Physicians in the U.S.

Termine im Wintersemester 2014/2015


Britta Rutert (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): Theoretical and Methodological Reflection on Bioprospecting as a Field in the Becoming


Anita Tingira (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): Dynamics in Delivery
and Utilization of Maternal Health Services in Tanzania: The Case of
Sandawe of Kondoa District


Giorgio Brocco (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): 'We are as Normal as other Individuals'. Life Experiences and Subjectivities of People with Albinism in Tanzania


Doreen Montag (Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar, Quito): Medical Anthropology in Times of Climate Change and its Impact on Global


Public holiday, no AK / Happy New Year!


Dominik Mattes (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): PhD Chapter "Antiretroviral Treatment in Local Moral Worlds"


Nasima Selim (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): The Healing Trouble: Sufism in Practice.


Judith Schühle (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): Medicine as Art. Perceptions of Biomedical Practices among Nigerian Physicians in the US

Susann Huschke (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): Sexual Perverts and Misogynist Monsters? Demographics and Motivations of Men who Pay for Sex across the Island of Ireland.


1.) All AK members: Discussion about research ethics
2.) Maria Chiara La Farina (Bologna University): Museums and psychiatry: current practices and positions

24.04.2014 Mayari Hengstermann (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): Assessing "evil eye" as an illness category to understand health-seeking behaviours predicaments
01.05.2014 - Public Holiday (Maifeiertag) -
08.05.2014 Jean-Paul Gaudilliere and Claire Beaudevin (Université Paris Descates / Centre de recherche, médecine, sciences, santé, santé mentale, société, Cermes3): From international to global? Circulating biomedical and traditional medical knowledge
15.05.2014 Nasima Selim (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): Sufi Healing Practices in Berlin: Methodology Review
20.05.2014 William Sax (Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg): Anthropology meets Psychiatry: the cultural epidemiology of ritual healing [TUESDAY, 4-6 pm!]
22.05.2014 Wenzel Geissler (University of Oslo & London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine): Fieldwork as stage: re-enacting post-colonial science in an African research station
29.05.2014 - Public Holiday (Christi Himmelfahrt) -
03.06.2014 Andrew Strathern and Pamela Stewart (University of Pittsburgh): On the Concept of Balance in Studies of Health and Illness: Examples from Papua New Guinea and China [TUESDAY, 4-6 pm!]
05.06.2014 Britta Rutert (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): "Our Knowledge belongs to our Ancestors": Topographies of Knowledge and the Question of Property
10.06.2014 Stefan Ecks (University of Edinburgh): Medicating moods: India and Germany [TUESDAY, 4-6 pm!]
12.06.2014 Visit of AK Medical Anthropology at Charité Berlin
13.06.2014 Internal Workshop "Ethics in Anthropological Research and Writing"
19.06.2014 Dominik Mattes (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): The political economy of ART roll out in Tanzania
26.06.2014 Bernhard Hadolt (Universität Wien): Medizin, Praxis, Materialität: Überlegungen zur Anthropologie der Biomedizin
03.07.2014 Claudia Liebelt (Universität Bayreuth): Ästhetische Körpermodifikationen und Weiblichkeit in Istanbul
10.07.2014 Seth Holmes (University of California, Berkeley): Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies: The Naturalization of Migrant Farmworker Suffering in the United States and Mexico
17.07.2014 Pamela Feldman-Savelsberg (Carleton College, USA & Käte Hamburger Centre for Advanced Study "Law as Culture", Bonn): Reproducing Belonging: Affective Circuits between Cameroon and Berlin

Termine im Wintersemester 2013/2014

18.10.2013 Workshop des Internationalen Forschungsnetzwerks Religion, AIDS and Social Transformation in Africa (RASTA)
07.11.2013 Mustafa Abdalla (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): The Collision of biomedicine with tradition: Medical students and the encounter with cadavers in medical schools in Cairo, Egypt
21.11.2013 Reading session: "Evidence" in CAM, Anthropology's atheism & Temptation to believe (guided by Nasima Selim, FU Berlin & Rita Agdal, University of Southern Denmark)
28.11.2013 Britta Rutert (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): Property and its legal (dis-)content: Relational property and customary law in Bushbuckridge municipality
05.12.2013 Susann Huschke (Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation and Social Justice (ISCTSJ) / Queens University Belfast): Moral crusades. Sex, politics and religion in Northern Ireland
12.12.2013 Christine Holmberg (Berlin School of Public Health, Charité Universitätsmedizin): Cancer from an anthropological perspective
09.01.2014 Dominik Mattes (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): Enclaves of abundance?!: On medical professionals' daily work (non)routine in the management of HIV mass treatment in Tanzania
16.01.2014 Anika König (Center for Area Studies & Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): Surrogacy in German-speaking countries
Caroline Meier zu Biesen (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): Global malaria choices and their local impact: A case study from Tanzania
23.01.2014 Miriam Weihe (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): Schwangerschaft und Geburt im Migrationskontext: Bolivianerinnen in Buenos Aires
06.02.2014 Nasima Selim (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): Sufi Berlin: Healing epistemologies and therapeutic politics in a post-secular City
13.02.2014 Andra Le Roux-Kemp (Stellenbosch University / Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): The right to health is dead. Long live the right to health

Termine im Sommersemester 2013

11.04. Britta Lundgren (Umeå University):The Swine Flu Pandemic - A case for Medical Humanities
25.04. Dominik Mattes (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): "Life is not a rehearsal, it’s a performance” – An ethnographic enquiry into the subjectivities of children and adolescents living with antiretroviral treatment in northeastern Tanzania
02.05. Paschaline Stevens (University of the Western Cape): The power game arena: Gay and bisexual men using sexual encounters to demand respect
09.05. - Public holiday (Himmelfahrt) -
16.05. Doreen Montag (Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar, Quito): The role of the Ecuadorian Yasuní-ITT initiative for global health
In collaboration with the Embassy of Ecuador in Germany (Rost-/Silberlaube: KL 24/222)
23.05. Stefan Rensch (Humboldt-Universität Berlin): Happy Heads
24.05. Theory Workshop on Actor-Network-Theory (ANT) & Managing Uncertainties
30.05. Giorgio Brocco (University of Palermo): Living with Albinism in Iringa Region: Communitarian Perceptions and Subjective Experiences
06.06. Andra le Roux-Kemp (Stellenbosch University, Südafrika):  PhD Chapter Managed Care
10.06. Visit by Mark Nichter (University of Arizona) & Lecture on Biocommunicability and the Biopolitics of Pandemic Threats: Why Biosecurity Needs to be Counterbalanced by One Health (within the Lecture Series "Globalizing Epidemics")
13.06. - Tarragona Conference (EASA MedAnt & SMA) -
20.06. Britta Rutert (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): PhD Chapter Topographies of knowledge: values in contestation, hopes in delivery (working title)
24.06. Elisabeth Hsu (Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Oxford): Thriving on Misunderstandings: Cross-cultural Communication in Chinese Medical Clinics on the East African Coast
27.06. Vanessa de Bock (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): Self and World in Depression. An Ethnographic Study in German Society
Miriam Weihe (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): PhD Proposal Health and Migration in Argentina/Buenos Aires
04.07. Brigit Obrist (Ethnologisches Seminar, Universität Basel): Caring for frail older persons in coastal Tanzania
11.07. Gosia Rajtar (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): Contamination by blood and Christian identity
18.07. Nasima Selim (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): Mapping Sufi Healing Practices in Berlin: Preliminary Findings

Termine im Wintersemester 2012/2013

01.11. Andra le Roux-Kemp (Stellenbosch University, South Africa): The right to health and universal health coverage: The moral failings of human rights discourse on the African continent
08.11. Mayarí Hengstermann (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): Questioning and Challenging the Differences: A Fieldwork Experience in Rural Guatemala
15.11. Elizabeth Beloe (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): Social Networks and Home Town Associations
06.12. Malgorzata Rajtar (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): Overcoming suspicion in healthcare: Hospital liaison committes and the issue of blood transfusion in Germany
13.12. Britta Rutert (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): No title.
20.12. Rita Agdal (University of Southern Denmark): Cancer patients' experiences with energy healing in a randomized controlled trial: ambiguity and self transformation.
10.01. Ruari-Santiago McBride (Queen's University Belfast, UK): The Ethics of Researching Vulnerable Persons
17.01. Nasima Selim (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): Body-Mind_Self Care with Multi-Sensorial Techniques: Sufi Meditation and Healing Practices in Germany
24.01. Dominik Mattes (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): The antiretroviral therapy in Tanzania. Medicines and patients between global power structures and local agency.
31.01. Angelika Wolf (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): ARVs and ARTs: medicoscapes and the unequal place-making for biomedical treatments in sub-Saharan Africa.
07.02. Leah Bohle (Universität Göttingen): „HIV is a normal problem!“: Encountering the word normal among HIV-seropositive women in Tanzania.

Termine im Sommersemester 2012

19.04. Angelika Wolf (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): Reziprozität und Krankheit
03.05. Heide Castañeda (University of South Florida, USA): Health Care for Roma Families in Germany: Clinical Interaction and the Impact of Immigration Trajectory, Civic Status, and Health Policy
10.05. Cal Volks (University of Cape Town, South Africa): Gender Identities and Sexual Concurrency among University of Cape Town students
24.05. Eva Jansen (Institut für Ethnologie, LMU München): Naturopathy in South India – An ethnographic inquiry into social and medical practices
31.05. Hanspeter Reihling (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): Tenuous Fatherhoods. (Chapter from PhD dissertation: Vulnerable Men? Gendering Affect at the Cape of Storms)
07.06. Ina Hesebeck (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): Soziale Barrierefreiheit
14.06. Giorgio Brocco (University of Palermo, Italy): Living with Albinism in Iringa, Tanzania. Between Local Worlds and Transnational Universes
21.06. Vanessa de Bock (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): Das Selbst und die Welt in der Depression
28.06. Britta Rutert (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): Bioprospecting in the African Renaissance
29.06. Theorie-Workshop: 1) Rationalities; 2) Health-seeking behavior revisited
05.07. Dominik Mattes (Institut für Ethnologie, FU Berlin): “Just like buying sweets at the store”? – Antiretroviral treatment and the ambiguous normalcy of HIV in urban Tanzania