Ph.D./M.Sc. Kirstin zu Hohenlohe

Kirstin zu Hohenlohe Ph.D./M.Sc.

Lehrbeauftragte im WS 17/18


Seminar im WS 17/18 im BA Sozial- und Kulturanthropologie:

29652 Sensory landscapes of home

This course offers a sensory approach to ethnography and will be looking at the sensual experience, as well as the material production of designated urban multicultural spaces in cities like Athens, Tel Aviv/Jaffa and Berlin. Investigating how ‘the self’ is culturally constituted by the all-embracing sensory involvement at home (embodiment), the relationship of sensual memory and material culture (especially in relation to transnational migration), but also how anthropologists use their own bodies and senses as means of ethnographic analysis.