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Beloe, Elizabeth

Social Networks: Cameroon Anglophone Immigrant Women and Associational Life in Berlin
(Förderung: Alice-Salomon-Stipendienprogramm)

Brocco, Giorgio Zeruzeru and Diverse Shades of Difference: A Study of People with Albinism in Kilolo District, Tanzania
(Förderung: DAAD)
Dohrn, Kristina

Beyond Classrooms: Education and Ethics in Schools of the Gülen Movement in Tanzania. An ethnographic case study
(Förderung: Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies, ab 2013 Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterstelle am Institut für Sozial- und Kulturanthropologie)

Eratta Parambil, Mohammed Swalih

Everyday Ethics: Life of Two Key Texts in the Islamic Everyday Life among Mapplias in Contemporary Kerala, South India
(Förderung: Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies)

Hartmann, Sarah

The Role of Islam in the Informal Education Sector – An Ethnographic Study of Private Tutoring Centers in Egypt
(Förderung: Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies)

Hoffmann, Liese 

Politics and Meanings of School in Post-Colonial, Coastal Kenya
(Förderung: Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies)

Mutebi, Simon

The Role of Local ‘Agency’ in Medicalization of Male Sexuality: The Case of Male Sexual Dysfunction among Young Men in Urban Communities in Tanzania
(Förderung: DAAD)

Saurer, Michael

Initiation, Segregation and Negotiation as Key Factors in Conversion Processes between Christianity and Islam in South-western Uganda

(Förderung: Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies)

Schühle, Judith

African Medical Migration: Nigerianische Ärzte in den USA im Spannungsfeld moralischer, ökonomischer und professioneller Verpflichtungen
(Förderung: Mitarbeiterstelle der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG)

Selim, Nasima Body-Mind-Self Care with Multi-Sensorial Techniques: Sufi Meditation and Healing Practices in Germany

(Förderung: DAAD)

Tingira, Anitha

Dynamics in Delivery and Utilization of Maternal Health Services in the Context of High Antenatal Care Coverage in Tanzania
(Förderung: DAAD)

Zeldes, Nina Between Biomedicines – Negotiating Expectations and Cultural Beliefs on Healthcare among German, Japanese and Indian Expatriates in the USA



Rutert, Britta (2016)

Contested Properties: People, Plants and the Politics of Bioprospecting in Post-Apartheid South Africa
(Förderung: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft)

Cordillera Castillo, Rosa (2016)

Being and Becoming: Imagination, Memory, and Violence in Southern Philippines
(Förderung: Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies)

Mattes, Dominik (2016)

The Politics of Normalization: Providing and Living a Life with Antiretroviral HIV Treatment in Northeastern Tanzania
(Förderung: Fritz Thyssen Stiftung)

Kasmani, Omar (2015)

Off the Lines: Fakir Orientations of Gender, Body and Space in Sehwan Sharif, Pakistan
(Förderung: Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies)

Bohle, Leah (2015, eingereicht)

HIV-Disclosure and Adherence Among HIV-Seropositive Women in Tanga, Tanzania
(Förderung: DAAD)

Abubakar, Dauda (2014)

"They love us because we give them": Zakat, the distribution of wealth and the making of social relations in Jos, Nigeria
(Förderung: Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies)

Reihling, Hanspeter (2014)

Vulnerable Men: Gender and Sentiment at the Margins of Cape Town
(Förderung: Mitarbeiterstelle der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG)

Huschke, Susann (2012)

Kranksein in der Illegalität. Eine medizinethnologische Studie über undokumentierte LateinamerikanerInnen in Berlin
(Förderung: Hans Böckler Stiftung)

Sullivan, Noelle (University of Florida)


Negotiating Abundance and Scarcity: health sector reform, development aid, and biomedical practice in Tanzania
Co-chairs: Hansjörg Dilger (primary advisor) und Brenda Chalfin (University of Florida)
(Förderung: Fulbright-Hayes)

Fleischer, Annett (2010)

Making Families Among Cameroonian ‘Bush Fallers’ in Germany: Marriage, Migration, and the Law; Betreuung: Hansjörg Dilger und Caroline Bledsoe, Northwestern University (Evanston)
(Förderung: Max-Planck-Institut für Demographische Forschung, Rostock)