Anwar Hadi

Anwar H. Al-Khalldy

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Freie Universität Berlin

Otto-Suhr-Institut für Politikwissenschaft




Academic Education

2006 - 2008: Master Degree in Peacekeeping Management -Political Science at Turin University. Italy

2001 – 2005: Bachelor in Law at College of Law - University of Babylon. Iraq

1996- 1998: Bachelor in English language, College of Education, University of Babylon, Iraq


Research and Internships

10/2007-06/2008: Gruppo Soges S.p.A., Italian Consultancy Company (, Torino

Italy. Management and implementation of international development projects in Lebanon funded by EU, Technical Assistance Intern

2006 -2007:  American Development Foundation – Iraqi civil society project, Iraq. Regional Human Resources Specialist

2005: American Development Foundation – Iraqi civil society project, Iraq. Regional Civic Education Specialist


PhD Topic

Shi‘i Islamism and gender in Iraq: “The life and work of Bint al-Huda in the memory and agenda of Shi ‘i Women’s Activism in Iraq since 2003”


Abstract: The major theme of the dissertation is to expound on the thought, work and activism of a religious Shi‘i woman activist from Iraq, Bint al-Huda. The focus of this research will be on the impact of the life and work, activism of Bint al-Huda. How is she alive in the memory of Shi‘i women’s activism? To what extent did her work, thought and activism  influence the agenda of Shi‘i Islamic movement in general and the Shi‘i   women’s activists in particular? I adopt a historical and transitional perspective  in order to understand  Shi‘i Islamic movement  in relation to the contemporary  women's local  activism in Iraq. 


Research Interests

Gender Studies

Islamic feminism

Social movement theory