Environmental Policy Making in the European Union

Axelrod, Regina / Schreurs, Miranda A. / Vig, Norman— 2010

The new edition of this award-winning volume reflects the latest events in the climate crisis while providing balanced coverage of the key institutions, issues, laws, and policies in global environmental politics. Chapter authors provide crucial historical context while synthesizing the latest scholarship for a student audience. In addition to three entirely new chapters, all of the essays are written specifically for this volume - updated with new case material, maps, figures, examples, and interpretations. Additionally, an updated chronology of global environmental policy and an updated list of acronyms aid students in critical reading, as well as review and study.

TitelEnvironmental Policy Making in the European Union
VerfasserAxelrod, Regina / Schreurs, Miranda A. / Vig, Norman
Erschienen inAxelrod, Regina S. / VanDeveer, Stacy D. / Downie, David Leonard: The Global Environment: Institutions, Law and Policy, Washington, D.C. 2011, S. 213-238.