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intimate liaisons of Malagasy women

This research project explores the relationship between love, sexuality, and materiality/corporality in intimate liaisons that Malagasy women engage in with foreign men in the context of economic-sexual exchanges in the port and tourist city of Diego Suarez.

Beauty and the Making of Middle-Class Femininities in Turkey

The research project argues that the politics of beauty are intricately bound up with the politics of race, class, gender, and sexuality in contemporary Turkey.

Scented Entanglements: Desires for Beauty, Quests for Healing in the Eastern Mediterranean

This project focusses on the configuration of fragrances in embodied practices of beauty, hygiene and healing in the eastern Mediterranean.

Traces of a City: Tattoos in Naples

The research project “Traces of a city: Tattoos in Naples” investigates practices of tattooing, the interdependencies between body and city, and related, late-modern (im)possibilities of representation and transformation of/in Naples.

Formierungen des geschlechtlichen Selbst und Imaginationen urbaner Moderne in Chinas Peripherie

Das DFG-Projekt "Formierungen des geschlechtlichen Selbst und Imaginationen urbaner Moderne in Chinas Peripherie" untersucht die Lebenswelten und verkörperten Zugehörigkeiten von Frauen im urbanen Tibet durch einen Fokus auf Schönheits- und Körperpraktiken sowie Vorstellungen und Praktiken urbaner Modernität, Weiblichkeit und dem “guten Leben.”