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Working Group Medical Anthropology I Global Health

The working group consists of staff members and PhD students of the Institute of Anthropology and affiliated medical anthropologists. In the regular meetings and workshops, current research projects in medical anthropology are discussed and theoretical questions are further developed. Participation in the meetings (every second Thursday 18:00-20:00) and workshops is by arrangement with Prof. Hansjörg Dilger (contact: hansjoerg.dilger@berlin.de). Appointment coordination via Marcos Andrade Neves (contact: marcos.fan@fu-berlin.de)

Dates winter term 2023/2024


Caroline Meier zu Biesen (Universität Leipzig)

"In epistemological purgatory: A lived experience response to endometriosis"

23.11.23 Inga Haaland (Institute of Health and Society, University of Oslo)

"PrEP and stigma among men who have sex with men and transgender women in Dar es Salaam"


Maja Sisnowski (University of Amsterdam) "Pragmatic Bodies and Unmattering Categories in De-escalation Practices"

Hellena Debelts (FU Berlin/Robert Koch Institut)

"Extending the social of care, biopolitics and ecology: A cross-country analysis on One Health in Democratic Republic of Congo, Côte d'Ivoire and Nigeria"
18.01.24 Kathrin Bauer (FU Berlin)


25.01.24 Anika König (FU Berlin)  TBA
01.02.24 Kelly Mulvaney (University of Chicago) Dissertation chapter draft: "Cervical Cancer Prevention between Public Health and Individual Wellbeing"
08.02.24 Phillip Willians (Universität Leipzig)

Fieldwork notes

15.02.24 Beatriz Aragon (University of St. Andrews)

“Ill-timed patients: Gitanos, cultural difference and primary health care in a time of crisis"


Berlin Southern Theory Lecture