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Working Group Medical Anthropology I Global Health

The working group consists of staff members and PhD students of the Institute of Anthropology and affiliated medical anthropologists. In the regular meetings and workshops, current research projects in medical anthropology are discussed and theoretical questions are further developed. Participation in the meetings (every second Thursday 18:00-20:00) and workshops is by arrangement with Prof. Hansjörg Dilger (contact: hansjoerg.dilger@berlin.de). Appointment coordination via Marcos Andrade Neves (contact: marcos.fan@fu-berlin.de)

Dates Summer Term 2023


MAE Lecture: Lamia Mognieh (University of Copenhagen)

"Psychiatric Afterlives: Narrating Illness, Gender, and Violence in Lebanon"

11.05. Anika König (Freie Universität Berlin) & Caroline Meier zu Biesen (Universität Leipzig)

Project proposal for endometriosis project


Zhuo Niu (Freie Universität Berlin) "From Zero-Covid to De-visualization of COVID in China’s post-pandemic era"

José Ignacio Allevi (Guest researcher at Freie Universität Berlin, Lateinamerika-Institut / Assistant Professor at CONICET, Argentina)

"Global health agendas, local state practices: exploring health agencies & policy making in Argentina during the first half of the 20th century. A study case"
08.06. Stefan Reinsch, Lennart Gretschel & Anika Wagner (Zentrum für Versorgungsforschung Brandenburg at Medizinische Hochschule Brandenburg)

"Understanding Experiences with Overweight in Rural Brandenburg through Niching"


Sofie Kronberger (Universität Wien)

"Learning to Listen. Artificial Intelligence and Biomedical Hearing"

29.06. Max Schnepf (Freie Universität Berlin) “care_less gestures"
06.07. Phillip Willians (Universität Leipzig)

Fieldnotes discussion

13.07. Hansjörg Dilger; Tom Lagodny; Gabriela Paredes Siml; Ursula Probst & Niu Zhou (Freie Universität Berlin)

“Mobility Regimes of Pandemic Preparedness and Response: Preliminary findings"

20.07. Grace Oroma-Lanek (Bernhard Nocht Institute of Tropical Medicine)

"Dehumanization of care and care practices amidst EVD healthcare intervention. Experience of living, and dying in the ETU"


Berlin Southern Theory Lecture