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M.A. StarLynn Marie Jacobs


Freie Universität Berlin

Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology

Ph.D. Candidate

Landoltweg 9-11
14195 Berlin





b. 1979, USA


Ph.D., Start Autumn 2012, Freie Universität Berlin

M.A., Visual and Media Anthropology (2009-2011), Freie Universität Berlin

B.A., Media Communications (1998-2002), DePaul University Chicago


PhD Project:

The Role of Indigenous Media (Subject-Generated Media) in Current Social Environmental Movements

Key Words:

Subject-generated media vs. mass media, "reality" representions, poetic/sensorial information, perception, and environmental activism/education


In questioning the role of “indigenous media,” I first question the definition of the term itself. With this project, I will continue to build upon work that I started during my master’s on what I found to be the crossover between indigenous media and auto-ethnography. Finding the term “indigenous media” problematic, the emphasis shifts to subject-generated medias which are using collective identities for the validation of their work, as well as using the personal to convey universal themes such as on the environment. This project will look specifically at these medias in the context of environmental movements with a focus on the Alberta Tar Sands issue in North America. In situating these medias, the research will also become a comparative study on the role they play in opposition to mass media in terms of audience perception, modes of 'reality' representation, and power structures of information flow. The goal is to be able to use this research to create a framework for a platform for alternative forms of information conveyance on environmental issues, as well as for media and perception education/continued questioning.



Visual & Media Anthropology Related Filmography

Living Color Living Sound (2011), 55 min.
Documentary on American Rainbow Family

-KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin Biennial (Autonomous University/Occupy Hall),
May 2012

-Moviemento Kino Berlin, VMA master films cinema screening, October 2011

At the Frontier of Reality (2010), 7 min.
Machinima film exploring virtual and non-virtual meditation spaces and the nature of "reality"

-Freie Universität Berlin, Visual Anthropology in Virtual Worlds machinima screening, April 2012

The World Forgetting by the World Forgot (2010), 5 min.
Super 8 film experimenting with haptic ways of conveying transculturality

-Moviemento Kino Berlin, “Transculturality” super 8 films cinema screening, October 2010


Related Experience:

Project assistance and social media, RE: Film, Photography and Documentary Arts Beyond the Western Mainstream, first season, January - September 2013

DAAD STIBET Program research assistant stipend, M.A. thesis archive project, October-December 2012

Co-coordinator, Home Movie Day, Journeys to the Self: Autobiography in Home Movies and Ethnographic Films, Arsenal Institute for Film and Video Art, Berlin, October 2011

Co-presenter, Are YouTube, Facebook and Other Social Networks the New Family Album?,
Arsenal Institute for Film and Video Art, Berlin, October 2011

Program Assistant, M.A. Visual & Media Anthropology FU Berlin, October 2010 - October 2011

Project Assistant Coder, University of Oxford/ Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Berlin, Summer 2010

Extended travel experience:

Thailand (2008, 2006), Nepal (2007), Central America (2003/04), North America (land travel, extensive Rainbow Family experience)




Berlin Southern Theory Lecture