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Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology

Research Area Visual and Media Anthropology

Landoltweg 9-11
14195 Berlin

The research area Visual and Media Anthropology has as its focus the visual and medial aspects of cultures in comparative ethnographic perspective. In addition to dealing with constantly developing forms of methodology, visual anthropology also focuses on historical and contemporary artefacts and the increasing importance of images and films in transnational societies. Media anthropology examines the transformation, influence and meaning of classical (e.g. myths) and new-media cultural forms.  It addresses virtual groupings, online rituals, gender (de)constructions through new media, the role of digital connection for humans in migration and diaspora, as well as the cultural and political meanings of new internet and mobile technologies for newly industrialized countries. Furthermore, the examination of religions in virtual space and “indigenous” media production are a central focus of research. Projects of this research area include three larger collective research projects: the EU-Project SPRING (ALFA III), the EU-Project WRITER (Lifelong Learning), and, the BMBF Project ANIK.

Part of the Research Area is the international further education Master Program in Visual and Media Anthropology. Find all information on this website: http://www.master.fu-berlin.de/visual-anthropology/

Research projects


Berlin Southern Theory Lecture