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M.A. Christian Reichel

Freie Universität Berlin

Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology

Lecturer/ Research Associate

Landoltweg 9-11
Room 104
14195 Berlin
(030) 838 52382


Christian Reichel holds a masters degree in Environmental Anthropology and Geography from the Free University Berlin and Humboldt University Berlin.


Research and Teaching Focus

  • social-ecological system analysis
  • participatory mapping (PGIS)
  • past and current human-nature relationship
  • climate change adaptation
  • natural hazards and disasters, with a focus on social vulnerability and resilience
  • adaptive governance
  • natural resource conflicts in developing countries


Regional Focus

Indonesia, Mongolia, Romania, Swiss and Austrian alps


Current Research Project

Alpine hazards in times of climate change: Visualization and mapping of local environmental knowledge about alpine risks. (link in german)

Funded by the program: Social-ecological Research (FONA) - German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)


Recent publications

Reichel, Christian and Martens, Sofie and Harms, Arne (2012): Conflicting Frames of Reference, Environmental Changes in Coastal Indonesia. In: Hornidge, A-K and Antweiler, C. (eds.): Environmental Uncertainty and Local Knowledge. Southeast Asia as a Laboratory of Global Ecological Change, Bielefeld: transcript, pp. 93-119.

Frömming, Undine and Reichel, Christian (2011): Vulnerable Coastal Regions: indigenous People under Climate Change in Indonesia. In: Bergmann, S. and Gerten, D. (eds.): Religion in Environmental and Climate change. Suffering, Values, Lifestyles. London, New York: Bloomsbury Publishing, pp 215 – 236.

Reichel, Christian (2011): Austertraum: Kompendium für eine Kultur der Zukunft. Miniaturbuch. In: Saffer, S. and Schneider, B. (ed.) London: Lost Books.

Reichel, Christian and Frömming, Undine and Glaser, Marion (2009): Conflicts between stakeholder groups affecting the ecology and economy of the Segara Anakan region. In: Jennerjahn, T. and Yuwono, E.: Special Issue. Regional Environmental Change, Heidelberg: Springer.



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