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Admission Requirements


  • Participants should have a first degree (B.A., M.A., diploma etc.).
  • Participants are expected to work across various disciplines and regions. They should show interest in non-western countries as well as in film production and research in e.g. Asia, Africa, Latin America.
  • Proficiency in English (fluent written and spoken). You do not need to give us any certificate (TOEFL or other) to prove your proficiency in English - We trust our applicants in being able to judge their own capacity in completing an M.A.level course in English.
  • Participants should have basic technical skills in film, video, or photography.
  • Participants must have adequate electronic equipment in order to deal with various multimedia material (such as skype). A high speed Internet access and a personal email account are compulsory. An own basic mini-DV-camera capable to upload small videos is useful.



Next Deadline for applications: approximately June 2009! (Start of the Program November 2009)

For final processing  you have to send us certified copies of all your documents, together with your printed and signed application, before the end of the application period to the following address:

  Freie Universitaet Berlin Zentrale Universitaetsverwaltung                                         Bewerbung und Zulassung Iltisstrasse 1 14195 Berlin Germany


You can send your application form additionally via E-mail to: Dr. Undine Frömming


Please note! Your application will be eligible only upon receipt of the original documents at Freie Universität Berlin. Applications via Email are only for our information and will not be taken into consideration.


  • 1. Completion of an application form (Download Application Form[.doc])
  • 2. A curriculum vitae
  • 3. Picture (digital passport format or other)
  • 4. A Diploma Supplement, BA/MA or Magister or proofs if the qualification for the Master's Program acquired in professional media practice
  • 5. Statement of the reasons for the application for the Master's Program in Visual and Media Anthropology.
  • 6. Accepted candidates must register at the Freie Universität Berlin during the first in-house class in Berlin and provide the original of their university diploma (a certified translation where required).



Berlin Southern Theory Lecture