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The program is a combination of e-learning and in-house-learning with five main units:                                                   

1. The distance-e-learning modules

2.  Four one week in-house workshops

3. An internship in a TV production company, film festival, Ethnological Museum, film archive or other related fields

4. A short film or media project

5. The Master's thesis and/ or the film project        


Link to the official regulations

(with detailed work load, only german version! The english version is still under constructions


First semester (October 15th to February 15th)

Timetable for the inhouse-workshop first semester: [Download PDF]

The Master program starts in the first winter semester with a one week in-house workshop in Berlin, Germany (November) and Module 1a and 2a of the two basic Modules. (The students need to organise travel and accommodation on their own. We will provide information for low priced accommodation).

The rest of the first semester takes place as distance learning via e-learning (LMS Blackboard) where you can find well-prepared multimedia online courses, a virtual classroom, a chatroom, a discussion board and other modern features for communication and learning where you can meet your lecturers and other students, exchange documents and work in groups.  You will learn everything you need to finish Module 1b and 2b  in the virtual learning platform.


You can find further information concerning the modules here


The Master's degree will be awarded if all in-house classes have been attended, all modules have been completed successfully, a report on the internship or study project has been handed in and a Master's thesis has been completed.


Berlin Southern Theory Lecture