Dr. Werner Trieselmann


Freie Universität Berlin

Institut für Ethnologie


Landoltweg 9-11
Room 203
14195 Berlin
+49(0)30-838 56865

Dr. Werner Trieselmann recieved his PhD (Dr. Phil.) from the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen 1999. He is the Academic Advisor, Research Associate and Lecturer of the Master´s Programm Visual and Media Anthropology. His main academic interests are Media and Visual Anthropology as well as methods and techniques of the Applied Social and Cultural Anthropology considered as an area of tension between one´s own and the foreign, deconstructed as production of culture. Werner Trieselmann has been carrying on research about feedback loops between youth culture, popular culture, indigenous culture on the one hand and (digital) mediascapes on the other. He completed media anthropological fieldwork studies in West-Africa (Nigeria), Brazil and in global enterprises of cultural management as for instance world expositions. 


Publications (topical selection)


2008 (forthcoming)  Filmische Inszenierung von Fremdheit. Zur Praxis informeller Kommunikationssysteme (Cinematic production and staging of foreignness and strangeness. The practical experience of informal systems of communication); im Reader: "Feldforschung. Ethnologische Zugänge zu sozialen Wirklichkeiten"

2007 Die Überwindung des digitalen Grabens. Ein medienethnologischer Ansatz für marginalisierte Kids in Rio de Janeiro (Overcoming the digital divide. A media anthropological approach for marginalized teens in the megacity of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). JOURNAL ETHNOLOGIE. Ausgabe 5, 2007 http://journal-ethnologie.inm.de

2003  Teenagers’ Hyper-communication in poor areas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In: Polemica, eine Internetpublikation des LABORE, an der UERJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil (2003); http://www.polemica.uerj.br/pol11/cquestoesc/contemp_p11_werner.htm

2000 Rituale - Feste - Zeremonien der Welt (Rituals - Ceremonies - Celebrations, Festivals of the civilizations of the world ). In: Das EXPO-Buch, Offizieller Katalog zur Expo 2000. Die Weltausstellung 1. Juni - 31. Oktober 2000, Bertelsmann München

1993 Beschleunigter Wandel (Accelerated Progress and electronic media). In: Hamburger Museumsblätter (1993)


1999  Fernsehen in der Kultur der Igbo, Westafrika. Eine medienethnologische Untersuchung am Beispiel der Nri in Südostnigeria (Television and Igbo-culture. A media anthropological analysis using the example of the Nri in Southeast Nigeria, Westafrica). IKO-Verlag Frankfurt (1999). 357 Seiten.


Cinematic Work (up-to-date)

  • 2007  Workshop: Are broadcasters reaching marginalised children? Cinematic Representation. Youth, Children & Subalternity in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 26. März 2007, at the 5th World Summit on Media for Children (as delegate of United Nations — multilateral treaties deposited with the Secretary General). 24. -28. März 2007, Johannesburg, Southafrica.
  • 2006/07/08TV-Production resulting from 17 month long experimental workshop and seminar: „Die Kamera als Spiegel - filmische Inszenierungen von Fremdheit“ (The camera as a mirror and projecting platform – cinematic production of foreignness), im Offenen Kanal Berlin (OKB, rbb) am 31. Januar 2008, 20.00 Uhr. Das im Seminar entstandene und im Workshop angewendete filmische Konzept wurde in der von Studierenden und Doktoranden moderierten und produzierten Sendung als experimentelle ethnologische Herangehensweise vorgestellt und kontrovers diskutiert (eine DVD der Sendung ist im Institut für Ethnologie der FU Berlin ausleihbar- DVD is available).
  • 2000-2003 Research associate and  stage director together with the brazilian documentary film maker Beatrice Paiva.


Teaching Experience (topical selection)

Free University Berlin

  • 2007/08 Cinematic production of foreignness (theorie and open space).  Autoethnographic mediatization and the competence of communication in terms of meta culture-bound transition of knowledge
  • 2007 Anthropology of the Media
  • 2006/07 Postmodern Anthropology as Psychoanalysis?

Georg-August-University of Göttingen

  •   2004  Media-bound transition of knowledge controled by global pop and punk culture

Universidade Estados do Rio de Janeiro\UERJ

  • 2003 »Simply clicking a Mouse«. The indigenization of modern mass media
Berlin Southern Theory Lecture