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Prof. Dr. Sandra Calkins

Prof. Dr. Sandra Calkins

Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology

Junior Professor

mailing address: Landoltweg 9-11; office address: Thielallee52
Room 009
14195 Berlin


2016 Who Knows Tomorrow? Uncertainty in North-eastern Sudan. Oxford: Berghahn. (2018 new release in paperback)

in preparation Growing with bananas. Plants, health and humanitarian biotech in Uganda



In preparation

“Toxic remains. Infrastructural connectivity and failure in a Ugandan molecular biology lab.” (under review)

“Health as growth: bananas, humanitarian biotech and human-plant histories in Uganda.” (accepted for publication in Medicine, Anthropology, Theory)

“Infrastructures of citizenship.” South Asia (accepted for publication in summer 2019)

“Writing planetary futures: plants, loss and intersections of STS and anthropology in Germany.” Zeitschrift für Ethnologie (submitted for a DGSKA-curated anniversary edition on the future of German anthropology in summer 2019)

with T. Zoanni. “Population - what is it good for?” Anthropological Quarterly (accepted for publication in summer 2019)


2018 with U. Beisel & R. Rottenburg “Divining, testing, and the problem of accountability.” HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory 8 (1): 97-108.

2016 “How ‘clean gold’ game to matter: metal detectors, infrastructure, and valuation.” HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory 6 (2): 173-95.

2015 with E. Ille, S. Lamoureaux & R. Rottenburg. “Rethinking institutional orders in Sudan Studies: the case of land access in Kordofan, Blue Nile and Darfur.” Canadian Journal of African Studies 49 (1): 175-95.

2014 with R. Rottenburg. “Getting credit for what you write? Conventions and techniques of citation in German Anthropology.“ Zeitschrift für Ethnologie (German Journal for Anthropology)139: 99-130.

2011 with G. Komet. “Umkämpfte Weiden: Landzugang und Überleben im Sudan.“ Geographische Rundschau 63 (7/8): 28-35.



2015 with E. Ille and R. Rottenburg (eds). Emerging Orders in the Sudans. Bamenda: Langaa.

2014 with J. Gertel & R. Rottenburg (eds). Disrupting Territories. Land, Commodification and Conflict in Sudan. Woodbridge: James Currey.

2011 with J. Gertel. Nomaden in unserer Welt. Bielefeld: Transkript. (general interest)


2017 with R. Rottenburg. “Evidence, infrastructure and worth.” In Infrastructures and Social Complexity. A Companion, edited by P. Harvey, C. B. Jensen & A. Morita, 253-65. London: Routledge.

2016 with R. Rottenburg. “Technology, infrastructure and the making of value in gold prospection.” In Networks of knowledge production in Sudan: identities, mobilities, and technologies, edited by S. Hale & G. Kadoda, 265–283. Lanham: Lexington Books.

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2014 with E. Ille “Gold mining concessions in Northern Sudan’s written laws and practices of gold extraction in the Nuba Mountains.” In Identity, economy, power relations and external interests: old and new challenges for Sudan and South Sudan, edited byE. Grawert,112-126. Addis Abeba: OSSREA.



Forth. 2019 Casciarri, B., M. A. M. Assal & F. Ireton (eds) Multidimensional change in the Republic of Sudan (1989–2011): Reshaping livelihoods, conflicts and identities. Berghahn Books, 2015. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute.

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2012 “Agricultural encroachment in Wadi Mukabrab area: policies of recompense, differentiation and ‘tribal’ belonging”.” In: Meroitica 24 Zeitschrift der Sudanarchäologischen Gesellschaft zu Berlin: Schriften zur altsudanesischen Geschichte und Archäologie, 229–251. Wiesbaden: Harassowitz.

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Berlin Southern Theory Lecture