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Master Sozial- und Kulturanthropologie (Master Social and Cultural Anthropology)

Institut für Ethnologie

Landoltweg 9-11
14195 Berlin
Coordinator: Stefan Hoffmann
+49 (0)30 838 52382
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This two-year consecutive program builds on the BA-program at our institute and offers a research-oriented training in anthropology. It equips graduate students with the ability to explore and analyze cultural complexities and human interaction on the micro- and macro-levels, particularly as this unfolds within the context of globalization. The research foci at our institute open on to diverse paths of inquiry into human experiences, beliefs, and values, as well as into underlying political, economic, and social conditions. Students will tailor and conduct their own research project under the guidance of academic staff.

This program prepares graduates for—among other things—careers in academia and research, in museums and cultural institutions, or in the development sector.


The first term allows graduate students to solidify and enhance their academic knowledge of the theories and sub-disciplines of Anthropology. They will learn about religious diversity in transnational contexts, the role of kinship, gender and social relations in the constitution of economic and political power, and issues of structural violence on an advanced level.

The second term focuses on the techniques of ethnographic research by exploring multiple methodologies in depth and in the context of specific regional studies. Students will then choose two ‘profiles’, or points of emphasis, from amongst the institute’s principal study areas (Anthropology of Emotion, Medical Anthropology, Environmental Anthropology, and Media and Visual Anthropology).

The third term is dedicated to students’ own research projects. Students will plan and carry out ethnographic fieldwork as well as analyze and interpret their data. They will present the results and complete a research report.

The fourth-term master’s dissertation is based upon this research project.

We expect our students to engage in discussion and debate surrounding contemporary issues as well as to use new media in classroom presentations and for field projects. Students are required to gain methodological competence by designing and actively carrying out their own research project. The study regulations require oral presentations as well as written assignments.

Language requirements

Each semester we offer two classes in English on the MA level. Students also may use English for their oral presentations and written assignments.  However, since our program is primarily taught in German, sufficient German skills are required (GER C1). For full enrollment, you must prove the minimum level of DSH 2". Please regard this link:


Students who wish to enroll in the MA program Social and Cultural Anthropology are required to have a bachelor’s degree in anthropology with at least 60 ECTS.

Information concerning the application procedure:






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