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Why study at the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology?

Opening up new perspectives

Coming from a relatively isolated community in Canada, I have always shared a fascination for other languages and cultures. After an academic journey of studying at various universities across Canada, I applied to the FU for a full-time position in
Social and Cultural Anthropology. The opportunity to study at a foreign university offers great potential for students of anthropology; for one, to learn a new language, but also to open up to new perspectives. Also, Berlin is the optimal situation for studying anthropology being that it is such a diverse metropolitan center with infinite opportunities to explore and interact with other cultures.

A critical stance towards the familiar

After high school, I knew I was interested in the humanities—philosophy or literature—but what really began to fascinate me was the idea of a taking a scientific approach to the study of religion, to step outside of and question one’s own cultural surroundings (Italy is a very religious country), and and this is what led me to anthropology. I first came to the FU through the Erasmus scholarship program in 2010, while studying at the University of Bologna, which is not far from my hometown. Eventually, once I graduated, I decided to come back and apply for a place on the MA Social and Cultural Anthropology program at the FU. Living in Berlin has been a great opportunity, offering me the flexibility and freedom to pursue my interests, both inside and outside of academia.

Berlin Southern Theory Lecture