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International Neva Award to Prof. Barbara Pfetsch

Prof. Barbara Pfetsch erhält den Neva Award für Kommunikationstheorie

Prof. Barbara Pfetsch erhält den Neva Award für Kommunikationstheorie
Image Credit: Svetlana Bodrunova

News from Sep 04, 2019

Prof. Barbara Pfetsch was awarded the Neva Award 2019 for communication theory at the international Comparative Media Studies in Today‘s World (CMSTW) conference. The CMSTW took place from April 16 to 18 at St. Petersburg State University. The Neva Award, honoring extraordinary research in the respective fields, is presented yearly by the School of Journalism & Mass Communications. Barbara Pfetsch was nominated for the category Theory and then received the award and certificate from the School of Journalism & Mass Communications' director, Prof. Anatoly S. Puyu, during the ceremony.

Earlier, Barbara Pfetsch was the keynote speaker at the opening of the conference on April 16, speaking about Liberal Democracy in Times of Dissonance, Disconnection and Noise – Implications for Comparative Political Communication Research. The CMSTW conference aims to connect sociological, economic, psychological, communicative, and technological perspectives on journalism and public communication. It highlights the relations between social groups, media markets, and communication technologies. This year, the international conference took place for the seventh time.

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