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Job advertisement: Research Associate (Praedoc) (m/f/d) with 65% part-time job

News from Aug 24, 2022

Research Associate (Praedoc) (m/f/d) with 65% part-time job limited to 14.09.2025 subject to approval Entgeldgruppe 13 TV-L FU

Reference code: FU_WI-Prae-Doc_E

Application deadline: 19.09.2022

The research group "Dynamics of Digital Mobilization" at the Weizenbaum Institute for networked Society is looking for a research assistant with a working time of 65% (pay group 13 TV-L FU). The position is to conduct a research project in one of the following thematic areas: (1) Influence of platform functionalities on the structures of public debates and democratic processes, (2) Automation and use of platforms in public opinion formation and political mobilization, (3) Diffusion dynamics in digital, transnational public spheres.

The research group "Dynamics of Digital Mobilization" is concerned with the logics of digital information infrastructures and (transnational) mobilizations in networked digital public spheres, the dynamics of diffusion and manipulation of information under the conditions of automation and algorithmic control, and the quality of public debates in Europe and in international comparison. International-comparative designs and computer-assisted methods of data collection and analysis (computational social science) characterize the group's work.

Detailed information about the job posting can be found at the following link: To the job advertisement

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