28700 - Communication Analysis Project (Trebbe)

Diversity Management in German Media Houses - Research on Recruting Practices in News Agencies, Radio Stations and Online Media Houses

Description/ Comment:
The project group's objective is to research, how and to what extent German media houses take the ethnic diversity of their staff behind and in front of the camera in consideration, when it comes to staff recruiting.

First, some key terms (such as "ethnic characteristics") ought to be defined from the perspective of communication studies. Second, the range of media under scrutiny (media enterprises, media houses, media operators) needs to be systematized and confined. Ideally, the analysis would produce an initial assessment of diversity management in media houses. The result could be a list of contacts, the development of survey dimensions for recruting practice or single case or pre-studies in institutions that are open to the general public. Over the medium-term, the objective of the project is to prepare a representative study on staff diversity in the "big" or "systemrelevant" media houses.