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Prof. Dr. Emmer will give a keynote speech at the conference ISCAR-IBÉRICO-IV "Cultura Digital y Cambio Social" on May 11, 2021

News from Apr 30, 2021

On Tuesday, May 11 2021, at 02:30 p. m. Prof. Dr. Emmer will participate at the conference ISCAR IBÉRICO IV titled “Cultura Digital y Cambio Social” and give a keynote speech on the topic “Expressive” or “effective” citizenship? On the democracy-transforming power of social media.

The online conference is organized by the Universidad de Alcalá near Madrid. Prof. Pilar Lacasa, Prof. Rut Martínez Borda and Laura Méndez Zaballos are in charge of the coordination of this event. Prof. Pilar Lacasa has been our guest from January to March 2019 during her research visit at our institute.

Interested persons can register for the conference by following the instructions shown here: https://iscariv.uah-gipi.org/inscripcion/

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