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Target group

You can apply if you are a journalist from Europe (including Russia), from the United States of America or from the Arabic region. We are sorry to say that employees in the field of Public Relations or science of Journalism can not apply for a fellowship.

The target group of the EJF-programme are highly qualified journalists with occupational success. In the future they will work in key positions in the media sector – e.g. reporter, correspondent or leading editor - and will have influence on the journalistic quality of media products.

The European Journalism-Fellowships addresses everyone interested who is enthusiastic about his or her profession and wants to be involved in the European unification. If you are in the mid of your career and have the request to research, study, think and consequently develop further professional skills as well as knowledge for the practical application in the media then you are the right person.

If you combine these attributes in your person we are happy to get your application for enriching ten months in