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About this Project

The research project "Convergence of Television and Internet in Production and Usage" was launched in January 2015 and will be running for a period of three years. The main research objectives are as follows:


  • Firstly, the aim of this project is to describe and establish theory-based and empirically sustainable definitions and concepts for the convergent forms of communication as well as the usage thereof. This will enable the systematic description of convergence of TV and Internet in content production and audience usage.
  • Secondly, the research objective is to develop explanatory approaches for the emergence of convergent content and usage. On the basis of existing explanatory approaches the project will determine what factors potentially influence convergent content and usage through exploration.
  • Thirdly, these definitions and concepts as well as explanatory approaches will culminate in a model of convergent television and Internet content and usage. This integrated model will describe in what (possibly new) way convergent content and usage relate to and influence each other.


Our proposed schedule is based on these three research objectives and can roughly be divided into two parts: