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Distributional Effects of Environmental Instruments and Measures

The Federal Environment Agency has commissioned a study to FFU to develop a methodological approach for assessing distributional effects of environmental measures.

News from Jun 19, 2013

The project “Distributional Effects of Environmental Instruments and Measures” will develop further the methodological approaches towards analyzing distributional effects of environmental policies; deliver statements on the distributional effects and social compatibility of specific environmental measures and instruments. Moreover, the project will demonstrate how certain measures could be improved. Next to the development of a comprehensive methodological approach, qualitative as well as quantitative analyses of selected environmental instruments regarding their distributional effects will be conducted.

The project is funded by the Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt) and is coordinated by Klaus Jacob. Besides, Sabine Weiland and Anna-Lena Guske will work on the project. The project is conducted in cooperation with the Institute of the Study of Labour (IZA).