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Rainer Quitzow and Holger Bär present research on lead market strategies in the solar industry and e-mobility

News from Nov 29, 2013

For a presentation of two case studies on the solar industry and e-mobility, there could hardly be a better venue in Berlin than the “Effizienzhaus Plus” in the Fasanenstraße. Rainer Quitzow and Holger Bär presented findings from the reasearch project on lead markets for environmental innovations and the role of BRICS countries in their development. You can find the working papers on the project's website. 

Due to the high interest in the presentation and the limited capacity of the Effizienzhaus there will be another similar presentation in early 2014. For more information and to register, please check the program information of the Effizienzhaus or send an email to holger.baer@fu-berlin.de!