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Klaus Jacob talks about "Creating Markets for a Green Economy"

On Tuesday, 15.10.2013, Dr. Klaus Jacob gave a presentation on the creation of markets for a green economy in the context of the workshop "Economic Policy Advice for the Quality of Growth" of the German Society for International Cooperation.

News from Oct 17, 2013

In his speech, Klaus Jacob presented an economical and ecological economic model: green economy. In order to implement a transition to green economy innovations, new technologies, infrastructure as well as structural change are needed. Through coherent political measures and instruments, new markets can be created, and demand and supply can be matched. On demand-side, for instance, this can be achieved through investments and innovations, whereas on demand-side, this is made possible through any environmental policy instruments which create a need for green technology. Moreover, Dr. Jacob addressed the issue of measuring employment effects caused by a green economy as well as factors influencing these effects. Impacts on the employment can be assessed by different methods, e.g. by economic models, which generally reveal the positive employment effects of a green economy. In the course of this, strategic approaches can support the emergence of lead markets.