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Environmental Policy in the 21st Century

New project on behalf of the Federal Environmental Agency

News from Oct 15, 2015

Klaus Jacob, Anna-Lena Guske and Lisa Graaf started working on the project „Environmental Policy in the 21. Century – Approaches for Overcoming new Challenges“ in cooperation with the Eco Institute (Öko-Institut e.V.), the Albert-Ludwig’s-University of Freiburg, the Erhard Karl’s University Tubingen, the German Institute for Development Policy as well as the IFOK. The project has set two different aims: firstly, to define and explain blind spots and deficits of the environmental policy in the 20th century. In doing so, an overview of central environmental and sustainability patterns of arguments will be generated and assessed regarding their legitimacy for new environmental policies. Secondly, these will be illustrated in an „environmental and sustainability policy map of discourse“.

For further details please visit the project page.