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NorRen Summer School at FFU

This is the fifth round of the summer school, which is a cooperation with FFU this year.

News from Aug 12, 2015

Currenty the 5th NorRen Summer School of the University of Oslo is held in Berlin from August 8 to 14 in cooperation with the FFU. The summer school for PhD-students working within the field of energy is supported by the Helmholtz Allianz EnergyTrans and the Norwegisch-Deutsche Willy-Brandt-Stiftung.

This year’s summer school under the title „The Transition towards Sustainable Energy Systems“ will offer the 26 participants from different countries insights into ways of analyzing the ongoing transformation of the energy system. The transition involves social, technical, and political processes and affects industrial, political and scientific stakeholders, as well as social movements and energy consumers.

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