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Miranda Schreurs: Interview in National Public Radio

News from Aug 06, 2015

On August 4th 2015, Prof. Dr. Miranda Schreurs discussed the German "Energiewende" and Obama's coal politics in the National Public Radio. The discussion was hosted by John Donvan. Other guests included David Unger (Christian Science Monitor), Alison Cassady (Center for American Progress) and Oren Cass (Manhattan Institute).

Please click here to listen to the interview.


"The President's Hard Carbon Emissions Push"

Tough new carbon restrictions. What the president is proposing, Germany’s already doing. Will the American people buy in?

He says he wants America in the lead on fighting climate change, so this week, President Obama announced new rules for power companies that will dramatically reshape the way the US makes electricity in just 15 years. In fact though, it’s Germany who leads the world here — already committed to have its electricity all wind and water-driven by the middle of the century. And Germany’s already started. With the public’s enthusiastic support. While here, debate still rages. So what makes Germany different? And what can we learn? This hour On Point, The President’s Clean Power Act and the debate for hearts and minds.