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Talk by Dr. Klaus Jacob in Rabat

On March 9th, Klaus Jacob gave a talk on resource policies and their implementation for representatives of the National Council for Economic, Social and Environmental Affairs (Conseil Economique, Social et Environnemental) at the office of the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation in Rabat, Morocco.

News from Mar 10, 2015

The talk was embedded in the context of an equitable access to resources and reflections on resource justice. The CESE is an institution at the constitutional level, which counsels the Moroccan king regarding strategic decisions. The main aim of the counselling last Monday was the exchange on globally discussed concepts and debates on resource management as well as on practical aspects regarding the integration of resource justice and the participation of citizens in policies, legislation and frameworks. In his speech, Dr. Klaus Jacob focused on the German Strategy for Resource Efficiency (ProgRess), impact assessment and evaluation as a tool for implementing strategies, as well as on Green Jobs as a possible outcome of resource policies.