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First Policy Impact Assessment Training at GIZ

News from Sep 07, 2016

Klaus Jacob, Anna-Lena Guske and colleagues have developed a concept for a training on policy impact assessment (IA) for practitioners in developing countries as part of the project commissioned by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für international Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). The training aims at supporting GIZ staff and their partners in conducting IAs. It demonstrates how IA can be handled by using practice examples and case studies so that participants acquire the necessary knowledge to plan and conduct IAs. The training should:

  • Convey the particularities of the IA process and its objectives;
  • Encourage and enable the participants to break down the IA into process steps, and to select suitable methods for each process step;
  • Enable the participants to use the results of the IA in the policy-making process and for further developing policy proposals.

The first training course for national and international GIZ staff took place in Bad Honnef from August, 29 to 31.