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New publication by Dr. Jan Beermann: Urban Cooperation and Climate Governance

News from Feb 27, 2017

In February, Jan Beermann’s book Urban Cooperation and Climate Governance. How German and Indian Cities Join Forces to Tackle Climate Change was published by Springer VS as part of their book series Energy Policy and Climate Protection.

Below Springer VS’s blurb for the book:

“Jan Beermann addresses persistent research gaps in urban climate governance and North-South cooperation. He compares the form, processes and outcomes of four local climate protection projects conducted as part of German-Indian urban cooperation and explores the conditions associated with the success and/or failure in these initiatives. The study concludes that North-South city partnerships struggle to fully realise their potential to foster global climate protection efforts, specifically in terms of post-project sustainability, multi-level governance coordination, and mutuality. On the basis of these findings, practical policy recommendations on how to maximise the outcomes and broaden the scope of urban climate cooperation are provided.”

Print and electronic copies of the book can be purchased here.