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Exploring environmental policy intervention possibilities on the basis of current findings of transformation research

News from Jan 10, 2018

On behalf of the Federal Environment Agency (UBA), the Environmental Policy Research Centre in cooperation with NAHhaft e.V. and the Chair of Sustainability Governance of the Albert-Ludwig-University Freiburg will carry out the project "Socio-ecological Transformation of the Food System - Investigation of Environmental Policy Interventions on the Basis of Current Findings in Transformation Research".

The production and consumption of food, as it stands, is associated with negative environmental, climate and health impacts. Against the backdrop of the growing world population and global and national environmental and climate goals the food system needs to become more sustainable. In addition to technical solutions, social and institutional innovations are essential to achieve this goal.

The project’s goals are to

  1. Use insights from transformation research to analyze the transformation field of the food system and thus identify policy intervention options
  2. Use findings from the analysis of the transformation field of food systems to advance the general scientific debate on sustainability transformation and research in further transformation fields.