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German Desk of the WinWind Project kicks off at Freie Universität

News from Jan 17, 2018

The first meeting of the German stakeholder desk of the Horizon 2020 project WinWind took place on the premises of the Freie Universität Berlin in the Henry Ford Building on January 11, 2018. The WinWind Project aims to enhance the socially inclusive and environmentally sound market uptake of wind energy by increasing its social acceptance in 'wind energy scarce regions' (WESR).

The objective of the meeting was to bring together major stakeholders to identify region-specific barriers and social acceptance problems of wind energy in the selected WinWind target regions Saxony and Thuringia and to discuss feasible solutions.

The coordinators of the project FFU and of the German Desk, seecon Ingenieure presented the highlights of WinWind and the role of the stakeholders desk within the project to the 33 participating stakeholders and market actors from Saxony, Thuringia, Brandenburg and Berlin. Thereafter, experts from the selected target regions Saxony and Thuringia explained the local framework conditions. Finally, the attendees classified the identified barriers, social acceptance problems and good practices.

In June 2018, a thematic workshop will take place. The outcome of the workshop will be discussed on the second meeting of the German stakeholder desk scheduled for September 2018 in Saxony.