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New publication by Maria Rosaria Di Nucci and Michael Krug in Energiewirtschaftliche Tagesfragen on innovative and transferable model solutions for the promotion of a fair wind energy development (in German).

Energiewirtschaftliche Tagesfragen 68. Jg. (2018)

Energiewirtschaftliche Tagesfragen 68. Jg. (2018)

News from Aug 21, 2018

Di Nucci, Maria Rosaria; Krug, Michael(2018): „Innovative und übertragbare Modelllösungen zur Förderung eines fairen Windenergieausbaus“. Energiewirtschaftliche Tagesfragen 68 (2018) Issue 7/8 p. 16-20.

The article presents preliminary results of the Horizon 2020 project WinWind coordinated by FFU. The WinWind project examines proven, practical measures seeking to enhance the local acceptance of wind energy and develops a portfolio of "good practices" that takes into account the specific local, regional and national contexts. The "Thuringian Model" can be regarded as a positive example that can also generate added value for other regions in Germany and even for Europe. The article outlines essential elements of the approach, describes current transfer initiatives, in particular the new label for fair wind energy developers in Schleswig-Holstein, explores the limits of state-level resp. regional policy regulations and outlines currently discussed proposals for nationwide solutions.