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New publication by Maria Rosaria Di Nucci and Michael Krug in the Journal of Environmental Policy and Administration Vol. 26

News from Jan 08, 2019

The article discusses the framework conditions to promote the socially inclusive and environmentally sound uptake of renewable energy with a special focus on wind power in Germany and on the policy framework of the European Union (EU). It addresses specific conditions for the enhancement of wind energy projects in Germany, describes the legal and regulatory framework and the role of wind power and analyses the reasons for diminishing acceptance. By doing so, it addresses renewable energy policy developments at a regional level, illustrates the key acceptance barriers in Saxony and Thuringia inhibiting a more dynamic market development, and identifies similarities and differences between both regions in terms of local acceptance patterns. The article draws largely on the preliminary outcomes of the stakeholder dialogues performed in Germany in the frame of the WinWind project. The conclusions derive lessons about the suitability of targeted measures that can help abating existing acceptance barriers concerning planning and permitting procedures, including intransparent decision-making, top down processes, participation deficits and unfair distribution of costs and benefits.

Di Nucci, Maria Rosaria; Krug, Michael (2018): “Conditions enhancing the socially Inclusive and environmentally sound Uptake of Wind Energy: The Case of Germany“. Journal of Environmental Policy and Administration Vol. 26