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Interview with Klaus Jacob in Salzburger Nachrichten on the Forest fires in Brazil

News from Aug 30, 2019

The recent controversy surrounding Brazilian President Bolsonaros handling of the forest fires in Brazil shows that the international community has not achieved the necessary implementation of legally binding and assertive international climate politics yet. Rater, in light of nationalistic movements, framework conditions become worse. The example of Boslonaro shows that populist governments prioritize their nation and short-term goals and that they frame international climate and sustainability politics as harming their national sovereignty. 

A possible solution to overcome such obstacles would be to link environmental and climate politics closer with trade politics, in order to provide material incentives for the compliance with international climate agreements. The chapters on sustainability in these agreements need to include effective enforcement mechanism. Actors can rule out trade agreements with states that do not support the Paris agreement. 

The international community should provide subnational actors, such as federal states, municipalities, businesses or civil society – who pursue climate friendly politics – with ways to participate. 

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