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LIAISE Toolbox Meeting

A project meeting in the EU Network of Excellence LIAISE (‘Linking Impact Assessment Instruments and Sustainability Expertise’) was held in Berlin on 28th November 2012. The topic was the LIAISE Toolbox which is currently under development.

News from Dec 06, 2012

The Toolbox is one of the main products of LIAISE. Its ultimate goal is to improve the availability of models and other relevant knowledge to Policy Impact Assessment. It does so by providing meta-descriptions of models and other information. Thereby, the Toolbox user will be informed about what a model is actually doing and how it works, along with other information to conduct an Impact Assessment. Such meta-information facilitates the selection of models, methods etc. for the evaluation of a specific policy proposal.

The FFU researchers involved in LIAISE Toolbox development are Dr. Klaus Jacob, Dirk Wascher, Dr. Sabine Weiland, and Johanna Ferretti. The Toolbox Beta version is currently making good progress. It will be opened for external users in early 2013. More information is available here.