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Interest groups in industrialised countries and national policy networks and their influence on the global environmental policy

Principal Investigator:
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General project coordinator: Prof. Yutaka Tsujinaka, Tsukuba Universität
Project coordination Germany: Prof. Gesine Foljanty-Jost, Universität Halle
Project coordination for USA: Ass Prof. Miranda Scheurs, University of Maryland


Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Japan)

Jun 01, 2000 — Dec 31, 2000
Contact Person:
Dr. Klaus Jacob

Project partners:

Prof. Gesine Foljanty-Jost (University of Halle)
Prof. Yutaka Tsujinaka (Tsukuba University)
Ass Prof. Miranda Scheurs (University of Maryland)

Project description

As a joint project of the University of Halle and the FFU two surveys were prepared, conducted and analysed in Germany. Firstly, associations and interest groups in two regions of Germany (Berlin and the district of Halle) were queried regarding their political strategies. Similar surveys has been conducted in Japan, the USA and Korea aiming at identifying national differences. Secondly, in an independent survey, the national policy network has been identified and queried regarding their network relations, that framed the German position in questions of global climate change policy. Also this survey has been conducted in Japan, USA and Korea as well.


Foljanty-Jost, Gesine / Jacob, Klaus: The Climate Change Policy-Network in Germany. Berlin 2003, FFU-Report 09-2003