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Overcoming restrictions to establish an extension of small scale CHP in the Regional Capital Hanover

Landeshauptstadt Hannover
Feb 01, 2006 — Apr 30, 2006
Contact Person:
PD Dr. Danyel Reiche

Project description

The project identified the most important instruments to promote small combined heat and power (CHP) plants. It aimed at contributing to the target of establishing a capacity of 50 MW of small scale CHP in Hanover.
The first part of the project described the general context shaping the starting point of a local CHP-strategy. The description of technological options and support programmes on different political levels were among those framework conditions. Possibilities to integrate small scale and micro CHP plants into a so-called virtual power plant were emphasised.
The main part of the project dealed with the analysis of local actors and their interrelation. This allowed for the identification of specific restrictions on the extension of small CHP plants. It further pointed to possible solutions to overcome these restrictions. Also following international and regional best practice, concepts were presented that might gave a valuable contribution to a local CHP-strategy for Hanover.
The results of the short research project were translated into palpable advice for local policy makers.


Sibyl Steuwer, Danyel Reiche (2006): Bausteine einer lokalen BHKW-Strategie für die Landeshauptstadt Hannover