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Environment, Innovation and Employment in a European Context (UIB)

Principal Investigator:
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Research Team:

Bianca Barth
Jesko Eisgruber
Julia Hertin
Dr. Nana Künkel
Henrik Vagt

Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit (BMU) sowie Umweltbundesamt (UBA)
Nov 01, 2006 — Jun 30, 2007
Contact Person:
Dr. Klaus Jacob


Adelphi Research, Berlin
Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung (ZEW), Mannheim

The German Presidency in the European Council should be used to develop an ecological industrial policy in the European institutions: European policies, programs and regulations from many policy areas should be particularly active in order to stimulate innovation and support innovators to compete in ministering environmental efficiency questions and to open up international markets.
In the project, a survey of important European policies that have the potential to contribute to a European ecological industrial policy was presented. For this purpose, the potential of strategies, programs and actions of the European Union has been studied for the stimulation of environmental innovations.

Furthermore, national innovation-oriented environmental policy instruments were analyzed. These case studies examined current environmental initiatives in other industrial countries.
Based on the selected environmental policies, lessons were drawn for the further development of the German and European environmental policy.
The examination of national policies served as a starting point for further in-depth analysis and has been used for the development of "Policy Papers", in preparation for an informal meeting of the Environmental Council in June 2007.