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Series of Workshops on Ecological Industrial Policy

Principal Investigator:
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Research Team:

Julia Hertin
Jesko Eisgruber


Federal Environment Agency

Nov 15, 2007 — Aug 31, 2008
Contact Person:
Dr. Klaus Jacob

Project partners:

Adelphi Consult GmbH

Project description

Commissioned by the Federal Environment Agency , this project aimed to continue the conceptual work concerning ecological industrial policies, initialised by the research programme Environment – Innovation – Employment). Of particular interest were the interrelation between European and inmternational trade regimes (mainly the WTO) and a political strategy to support environmental innovations . Furthermore, new topics of research on these issues should be explored. . This was achieved by organising two workshops, to gather relevant scientific knowledge from different disciplines. The first workshop (“WTO rules and their influence on environmental innovation”) mainly gathered economists, political scientists and experts on public international law, whereas the second (“perspectives on greening industrial policies”) gathered mainly Germans leading environmental economistsBoth workshops allowed paricipants from relevant ministries and social groups to actively participate, so as to join scientific findings and perspectives to practical needs and experiences from the very outset.