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Scenarios for an integrated sustainable development policy using the example of the Sustainable City 2030

Umweltbundesamt (UBA)
Dec 01, 2009 — Nov 30, 2011
Contact Person:
Jesko Eisgruber


Deutsches Institut für Urbanistik (Difu)

Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment (IZT)

Project Description:

The project "Scenarios for an integrated sustainable development policy using the example of the Sustainable City 2030" contributes to the development of strategies for the design of sustainable urban living environments by applying empirically based and participative scenario methods.

To what extent sustainable development is being implemented in its different facets depends on a variety of actors (politics, administration, business, civil society) at various levels. Cities and municipalities are the levels on those sustainable action manifests itself distinctly. Precisely for this reason, the focus on cities is useful to analyze the effectiveness of policy frameworks to derive strategic concepts.

During the first phase of the project, a broad analysis of the topic areas, policy options and trade-offs of sustainable urban development will be conducted. Thereby knowledge about sustainable cities will be gathered that can be used during the second phase of the project, but which also serve as an independent output.

During the second phase, a systematic, participatory scenario process will unfold in two parallel thematic strands. Within this phase, options for action, strategic elements and concrete cross-linkage approaches will be developed employing demonstrative, integrated visions of the future.Im Projekt "Szenarien für eine integrierte Nachhaltigkeitspolitik - am Beispiel: Die nachhaltige Stadt 2030" sollen durch die Anwendung empirigestützter und partizipativer Szenario-Methoden Strategien für die Gestaltung nachhaltiger urbaner Lebenswelten entwickelt werden.