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Consideration of Sustainability Aspects in Policy Impact Assessment: An International Comparative Study of Innovations and Trends

Research Team:

Prof. Dr. Volker von Prittwitz

Bertelsmann Foundation
Dec 01, 2010 — Jan 14, 2011
Contact Person:
Dr. Klaus Jacob

The Environmental Policy Research Centre gives an overview on the recent developments in sustainability impact assessment (SIA). The study looks at innovations in SIA processes within the European Commission and five European countries (UK, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany).

On this basis, the study compiles similarities and differing developments in this jurisdictions with regard to the following criteria:

  • Area of application and proportionality
  • appropriateness of assessment requirements
  • Integration
  • Transparency
  • Material requirements
  • Methods
  • Sustainability impact assessment as a process
  • Getting stakeholders involved
  • Quality control
  • Cooperation with other political institutions
  • Evaluation
Furthermore, the study identifies potentials of SIA and shows how they can be fostered.