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Integration of social science knowledge into environmental communication

Research Team:

Andreas Karmanski

Umweltbundesamt (UBA)
Oct 01, 1999 — Dec 31, 2001
Contact Person:
Prof. Dr. Martin Jänicke

The main aim of the project was to identify the approaches for the improvement of transfer of the results for the social science research environment, and the derivation of corresponding recommendations. In addition, expert interviews, literature and internet searches for substantial amounts of knowledge in social science research environment in the three exemplarily selected problem areas e.g. climate change, biodiversity loss and resource consumption, were conducted.
Besides, the current state of discussions on the theoretical and the conceptual models of the transfer of knowledge as well as the more empirically-led discussion about appropriate transfer practices and media were received, and identified the possible influence of factors and barriers for the transfer of effective knowledge and the use of knowledge in the political process. As a result of the investigations, essential concepts and innovative approaches to improve the transfer of scientific knowledge were selected. As far as the experience with these concepts in the field of environmental research and communication exist, these were examined for the further development of opportunities. Specially selected contents and chosen media aspects of environmental communication were conducted at two expert workshops and a UBA-technical discussion. This was done in each case, with the participation of scientists from various social science disciplines, employees of the BMU and UBA, representatives of intermediary institutions (research funding, media, etc.) as well as representatives of different groups of users of the social science research environment.
The aim of the events was to practice the sense of the transfer of knowledge and also to relate to the range of knowledge on social science research environment on the one hand, and the need for knowledge, but also the existing practical knowledge of the environmental actors on the other hand to communicate with each other.
Based on the results of the previous phases of work, recommendations and policy proposals for the further development of environmental communication were developed. These relate to improving the transfer of social scientific environmental research and the communication for the sustainability strategy of the federal government of Germany.


Karmanski, Andreas / Jacob, Klaus (Mitarbeit) / Zieschank, Roland (Mitarbeit): Integration des sozialwissenschaftlichen Wissens in die Umweltkommunikation. Verbesserung des Wissenstransfers zwischen den Sozialwissenschaften und den umweltpolitischen Akteuren. Berlin 2002, 152 S., (= UNESCO Verbindungsstelle im Umweltbundesamt (Hrsg.), Reihe "UNESCO-Verbindungsstelle für Umwelterziehung").

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