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SUSTAIN IT! Initiative for Sustainability + Climate Protection

Research Team:

Kathrin Henße

Leyla Ayas

Sep 01, 2010
Contact Person:
Karola Braun-Wanke

The initative SUSTAIN IT! has the comprehensive goal of discussing local and global questions  of sustainability in the fields of politics, science, economics, adminstration, technology, society and education. Moreover, we want to contribute to making the Freie Universität Berlin a "greener" place.

Interdisciplinary Lecture Series in Summer Semester 2013

The progressing climate change, the finite nature of fossil fuels, the shortage of natural ressources and the loss of biodiversity are among the major challenges in our day. Coping with these issues requires a fundamental change in politics and policies, concerning the balance of power between countries of the global north and south as well as principle questions of society, ecology an economy. Under the heading "From Knowledge to Change - Sustainability as a Challenge for University and Sciences" the lecture series organised by SUSTAIN IT! examines the case of Freie Universität Berlin, in order to investigate to what extent the university deals with the multidisciplinary challenge of a sustainable development in research, education and administration and how far the disciplines contribute to strategies of sustainability on a local, national and international level.